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Leanne Beedham
Can't recommend Clare enough!
Absolutely amazing in every course I've done with her.
I was nervous and unsure when I booked onto my first course
but I can honestly say I'm addicted now!
Clare is so thorough, patient and knowledgeable.
I can't thank her enough in teaching and supporting me
and would not train anywhere else! Leanne Beedham
Caroline Hopkins

Just completed my course which I thoroughly enjoyed!

Clare is a great tutor and mentor, patient, kind and committed.

I'd say if you are in two minds and are worried

about taking the first step to doing something different, go for it!

I'd highly recommend. Caroline Hopkins

Aliquam elit velit imperdiet

Absolutely loving my course here!

Clare is a fabulous teacher! Even when I go on an evening with not

 much energy after a work shift she manages to keep us all going and

the atmosphere is great! Learning loads in a fun & hands on way.

 Could not recommend enough!    Laura Harrison